Dipping yourself into the world of accessories could be a terrifying step, especially if you are unfamiliar with jewellery and ways to style them. However, it is not something that you should be afraid of - there is a general rule of thumb that you can follow or you can just accessorise in any way that you like as a way of self expression. There should not be any rules or restriction in accessorising and expressing yourself through your outfits. However, here are some guides that you can follow to help you enter the world of jewellery. 

Guide #1: Know Your Style

There are rings that are suited for formal events and those meant for everyday use. The first step is knowing what kind of rings you should get. Are you looking for something that's going to complement your business suit? Or are you looking for something more casual? There are different kinds of rings that will go well with your different kinds of outfits.

Make sure it's not too flashy or gaudy. A good rule of thumb is to stick to light jewellery. It's best to avoid wearing heavy gemstones like diamonds and sapphires.

Guide #2: Avoid Wearing too Many Rings

It's best to avoid wearing more than two rings at the same time. A lot of people like to stack a bunch of rings on their fingers. This is something that's not only ill-advised but it can be too cluttering and uncomfortable for long term wear. 

If your fingers can't move freely, then you're doing something wrong. Wearing no more than two rings will help you feel comfortable and not over doing it. Stick to one main ring and a simple, additional ring on your fingers. 

Guide #3: Pay Attention To Proportion

A lot of guys have a tendency to buy rings that are way smaller than their fingers. This is a mistake that you have to avoid. If your ring is too small, then it will be less noticeable. If it's too big, then it will look awkward.

The size of your ring should reflect the size of your fingers. You should be able to measure the circumference of your finger when you're wearing your ring. That way, you'll be able to get a ring that looks proportional.

Guide #4: Know What Ring Shape Suits You

The shape of your ring should be tailored to the shape of your fingers. A lot of the time, a ring that fits perfectly on one finger will just look awkward on another. The best way to determine this is to look at the shape of your finger and find rings that match.

There are different ring shapes to choose from. You can go with a standard round shape, a flat shape, or a rectangular shape. It really depends on your personal preference. For instance, a lot of rings with a rectangular shape are more masculine. Also, if you want to wear a ring casually, then it's best to stick to a flat shape.


Ultimately, accessorising should not something to be afraid of, there is so much room to play around and find the perfect balance to express yourself through your outfits and jewellery. There is no strict rule for you to follow, find what makes you feel the best and comfortable in your style. 

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