Silver rings have been a fashion mainstay for nearly as long as fashion has existed, and with good reason. Men's silver jewellery is ageless, traditional, and extremely flexible. Silver can carry them off with grace and flair, whether you're drawn to enormous statement pieces or small, delicate adornments.

However, it's all too easy to feel overwhelmed with so much versatility. Here are creative ways to wear your sterling silver rings to get you started searching for the perfect trademark look.

Looking for more jewellery-styling inspiration? Here's a look at how to mix and match your jewellery.

Use Block Colour To Make Them Stand Out

Block-coloured clothing is a terrific way to make your statement silver rings stand out.

The obvious colours of choice are black, white, and grey, providing your style with a traditional, universal look while contrasting beautifully with silver. Block sunglasses are your best buddy if chunky rings are your thing. They keep things simple enough to let your statement ring take centre stage.

You don't have to stick to the essentials!

Dark navy or royal blue and warm purple or burgundy colours look great with silver.

Don't Be Afraid to Pair and Stack 

Men's minimalist sterling silver jewellery is a timeless classic that pairs well with various shapes and patterns.

When wearing jewellery with a bright or intricate pattern, it's best to keep things basic. A classic, tiny silver ring will complement your standout ensemble without being overbearing.

Stacked rings are a terrific way to add a unique edge to your outfit while giving you more style options for your buck.

Although parts can be purchased as part of a pre-stacked set, any ring with flat sides can be coupled with others of the same type. For a trendier hippy aesthetic, single stone rings can be twisted to fit on top of one another.

You don't have too many statement pieces on one finger! Choosing one ring to be the "star" of the stack while the rest serve as supporting characters is a wonderful approach to keep the stack from looking too cluttered.

Pair With Leather 

Suede and tan leather are both great choices for silver jewellery. They're also a terrific way to add a boho vibe to an otherwise basic outfit.

Combining silver rings with leather cuffs creates a fantastic contrast between the two materials. Leather jackets, backpacks, and belts provide the perfect backdrop for your silver jewellery to shine.

Add Your Gold Pieces To The Mix

Mixing silver and gold was always frowned upon, but with gold prices rising and our disposable income decreasing, now is a fantastic opportunity to channel your inner millennial and defy tradition.

Adding gold rings to your silver jewellery can give your look a devil-may-care vibe. For added irony, stack both on your middle finger.

Wear on Evens and Odds 

If your left hand's ring and forefinger are embellished, try designing your thumb, middle, or pinky on the opposite hand. It's also a good idea to consider the type of rings you have on each finger. Don't overload your right hand with massive or showy rings, and keep your left-hand basic.


Styling men's sterling silver jewellery is an art form, but don't allow fashion standards to limit you too much. Carrying your style with confidence and grace is frequently worth ten how-to-style manuals in black and white. Use silver rings to your advantage because they are ageless. After all, what else can you do if you can't explore with silver?

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