Many people are clueless about the appropriate position of rings. Of course, we all know where to wear the wedding bands, but how about push blings? You might even ask why Prince Charles stacked his wedding band with his signet ring.  

We seldom see men wear accessories, which makes it a bit puzzling about the appropriate position of rings. You might also ask if one is not royalty, can you stack rings? This piece will discuss the significance of the fingers and the ring worn on them.

The Thumb

According to the Ancient Greeks, the thumb ring was used to ward off evil spirits. Some believe it kept the wearer safe from witches and the evil eye. The thumb ring was also used to attract love and enhance the wearer's psychic ability.

In the past, men's thumb rings were often associated with the worship of Neptune. It may mean that you invoke his protection. This ring was also believed to give the wearer courage, farming skills, and seafaring. In some countries, it was thought that the thumb ring could provide the wearer good luck in gambling, especially for lotteries.  

The Index Finger

The index finger was once associated with an oath, promise, and truth. It was also associated with Jupiter. Men's index finger rings are believed to provide the wearer with wisdom, success, and long life. They are also said to have the power to make a person more intelligent, wise, and eloquent and can keep the wearer from getting lost.

The Middle Finger

One of the ancient beliefs about the middle finger is that it is associated with the planet Saturn. The planet was called the "Lord of Life," The middle finger, the "Saturn finger," was believed to promote such qualities. It can also improve the wearer's physical strength, keep him safe from witches, ward off evil spirits, and attract good luck.

The Ring Finger
The ring finger was not associated with any particular planet, but it was thought that it brings good luck and protection from evil spirits and witches when worn on the left hand. However, it attracts wealth and good luck when worn on the right hand. It also promotes love, so we wear our wedding bands on this.

The Pinky

As mentioned earlier, people have noticed that Prince Charles stack rings on his left pinky. According to ancient Rome and Greece, the privileged class wore pinky fingers. It was believed to promote good luck and attract wealth and opportunities. Another belief is that it fosters passion, spontaneity, and sexuality.

Some Facts About Stacking Rings

When stacking rings, the trick is only to stack your wedding band with your signet ring because it is believed that the wedding band should be worn with your most important ring. When you stack rings, your wedding band is the most important.

You should only stack your wedding band with your signet ring. Stacking your ring with your wedding band is said to symbolise the completion of your marriage.


A lot of symbolism is associated with the finger position of rings, so it is best to match your rings with your personalities. Stacking rings are not only a symbol of wealth and status. It is also a way to express your love for your fellow. To spend the rest of your life with your love is enough reason to stack your rings.

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