People are often scared when diving into the world of accessories, however, there is nothing to be afraid of as anyone can pull off their stylish looks. The thing is, the same principle of wearing fashionable amenities would apply to any style. T

It may not be so simple to pick out the right type of accessory for the day. Luckily, the tips below may help with the challenge.

  1. Find a timeless statement pieces

This is the first rule when it comes to wearing the right accent accessories, is to find good neutral signature pieces. This would make accessorising easier, if you have a few key timeless pieces that you can easily stack or wear in combination with other jewelleries that you have in your collection. 

It is important to have a few key jewellery in your collection that you can rely on for any occasions or any outfits. This would save you so much time and money, as you do not have to constantly buy new jewellery and you would easily be able to finish off your outfits with great accessories. 

  1. It Should Help Accent Your Outfit 

It is sometimes best to match the accessory with whatever you are wearing. For example, if the outfit you are wearing is black shirt, a pair of earrings with a touch of black in them would give your outfits a very put together look. However, just as mentioned above, you can never go wrong with sterling silver jewellery or gold as you main stable piece of jewellery, since they are neutral and would give your outfits the final touch. 

  1. It Must Be Comfortable

Any accessory that must be worn all day long must be very comfortable. This is vital because it would not be easy to wear something very uncomfortable all day long. Therefore, it is essential to choose quality jewellery that is gentle on your skin. 

  1. It Should Match Your Style

If you are going for a minimal outfit, the accessory must be modest enough for the day. But if you are going for a bold look, a flashy, statement jewellery would be a suitable choice.  

  1. It Must Be Well-Balanced

It should enable the wearer to show off an element of balance. Accessories should give your outfit the final touch, while allowing the jewellery to shine. However, it is important to allow the jewellery and outfits to be cohesive and do not clash with one another. 


Choosing the right accessories to wear is pretty easy, but it is still possible to do with the help of our tips above.  With all of that being said, if you are looking for the best men's silver accessories in Australia, look no further than our amazing selections here at Rawninety. We offer a wide range of accessories, fit for any style or fashion that you may have. Check out our online store for more of our high-quality accessories and their prices.