In the world of jewellery, there are no accessoring rules. There are many ways that a piece could be worn or styled, therefore, each piece should get as much attention as the other. 

Necklaces are generally overlooked, as most people tend to gravitate towards rings and bracelets. However, it can start as a trend on its own. 

Which is the best type of necklace to wear?

Necklaces are available in a variety of styles. Choosing the best style for you depends on the shape of your neck and your body type. For instance, a guy with a well-defined neck can wear a big chunk of metal hanging from his neck. 

How to style a necklace

Wearing a necklace is always a simple procedure. You have to put it around your neck, then either tuck in your shirt or leave it open. You could choose the type of necklace that you would like to accessories, there is always an option to layer with multiple unique pieces or wear a statement necklace on its own.

Is a gold or silver chain better?

It is a matter of personal preference. Silver necklace is coming back to be on trend, however, this does not mean that gold chain has ever been out of style either. They both serve their own purpose and accent outfits differently.  

Popular Chain Types

1 - Rolo Chains

They are easy to put on and are quite flexible with layering with other necklaces. 

2 - Tennis Chains

These chains are popular amongst men as they are quite flexible and are well-known for their high quality and durability.

3 - Cuff Chains

They are well-loved by men who want to be a statement. They are tough, durable, and they don't look like the typical jewellery that a man would wear.


Necklaces can be worn by anyone, and style however you would like. They are available in different styles, colours and sizes. A necklace is not style specific and can look great on anyone. 

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