Ask most men, and they’ll tell you the most jewellery they’ll wear on themselves is a wedding ring.Since generally jewellery adorning their necks, ears, and wrists with precious metals and stones. If you see more bracelets on women than on men, it's easy to think that bracelets are just for women. But like any kind of jewellery, bracelets can be a part of a stylish man's wardrobe. While they’re considered an accent and option, not a necessity—you can get through life just fine without—but they're certainly on the table!

What Kind Of Bracelets Should You Choose?

Now that we’ve gotten the basic premise out of the way (guys can wear bracelets if they choose to), the question becomes, “why would they want to?”

Aside from balancing your watch hand with a similar piece, the role of well-chosen men’s bracelets isn't that different from any other piece of jewellery, like a necklace or a ring. It's there to be an accent that complements your overall outfit. Whether you typically wear a suit and tie or wrap pants and tropical shirts, the outlook you want to convey about yourself determines which types of bracelets you should wear.

The same rules apply to men who wear bracelets and women who wear bracelets. As necklaces serve an ornamental function and convey your aspirations or status, onlookers should also notice bracelets. Still, they should also communicate something about your values and desires.

When you look at someone wearing a bracelet, think about what impression you want to come across. You want people to think you've owned it for years and taken it on many adventures.

Remember that each piece should be customised to its wearer when you're toying with buying a new bracelet. Keep men’s bracelets sized correctly: anything with significant weight should fit snugly on the wrist, while lighter materials may have more play. Match the thickness of your wrist size, too. If your wrists are thick, you can get chunkier bracelets. If the opposite, get thinner pieces.

Wearing Them

Men’s bracelets for men are a tricky business. Many classic menswear styles feature narrow cuffs, which means that cufflinks are often the best way of dressing them up. However, bracelets often come with links that can get tangled in sleeves and other clothing.

This can make bracelets seem like a summer-only accessory because they are easier to show off with short-sleeved shirts and jackets. However, you can be fashionable with men's bracelets if you know how to avoid wearing them too showy or flashy.

Here are some rules of thumb:

  • You can layer thin cord bracelets on top of each other on the same wrist, but only wear one big, chunky bracelet on your other forearm.
  • You should wear watches only with thin cord bracelets; if your watch has a broad face or bracelet, wear it with a narrow or thick bracelet on its arm.
  • Nothing looks worse than multiple thick bands on the same wrist unless you're trying to evoke bondage or weight-lifting aesthetics. Never wear more than one thick or heavy bracelet on anyone's wrist.
  • Ensure that there's always one bare wrist visible—don't distract from a nice shirt or tie by wearing two bracelets.

Get Your Bracelets Today

There are exceptions like any set of fashion rules, and there will be guys who make these rare occasions look great. For the most part, however, stick to the guidelines. It’s easy to look awkward with a misplaced or mismatched men’s bracelets—like you’re trying to add flair but don’t have it down yet.

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