`Jewellery is vital for many people because it can make or break an outfit. For women, jewellery is part of their identity because it's a form of self-expression. The same goes for men, but most don't want to be flashy because it's also a statement. Because of this, many of them prefer silver jewellery.

Silver jewellery is the most popular choice among men because it's affordable and comes in various designs. You can choose from different accessories. From bracelets to pendants, there are many options to choose from. It's also very easy to care for because all it takes is polishing to make it shiny again. However, not many people know much about silver jewellery besides surface-level details, so we'll discuss how they came to be in this article.

Discovering Silver

According to historians, silver was discovered around 5,000 B.C. and was used not long after. The earliest uses of silver included eating and drinking tools, and it's also used to carve sculptures.

In Ancient Egypt, silver was reserved for royalty, which is why it wasn't common. However, this doesn't mean that silver is rare because they didn't have the means to mass-produce it.

They also used silver to make jewellery because of its colour and shine. During the period, Egypt's economy was based on its jewellery because it was the country's main export. This continued throughout the Tudor, Stuart, and Georgian eras, until the Victorian era changed the status quo of accessibility to silver.

Mass Jewellery Production

As the world population increased during the Victorian era, demand for silver jewellery skyrocketed. The reason why this happened is because of the Industrial Revolution. Many people went to the busy cities to find work and provide for their families and were given some silver jewellery to wear. Because of this, the production of silver jewellery in the Victorian era was heightened. It started slow, but it truly boomed during the 1880s.

During this time, silver was starting to become popular, as well as gold. Women didn't want to wear the same jewellery as other women because of the idea that it was tacky, and elites didn't want to be seen wearing mass-produced jewellery. For example, if someone wears a silver bracelet, others follow suit. Because of this, more jewellers started using silver, turning it into a booming industry.

Changing Trends in Silver Jewellery

When silver was first used in jewellery, it was used to make the central part of a piece. Unfortunately, over time, people started to lose interest in silver jewellery because they could afford gold, which is why they began to use it. Due to this, silver became a supporting material used to add detail to a piece of gold jewellery.

However, this changed in the 1930s because of the terrible economy, and people wanted to wear something affordable. As the economy improved, the demand for silver jewellery decreased because people bought gold instead. They started making silver jewellery again in the 1960s; since then, it's been a bit of a roller coaster.

Silver is also the preferred material for investing because it's cheap. Even with the fluctuating prices, silver is still popular because of the cost-to-quality ratio. It's also an excellent investment because silver has been used in jewellery since the 1700s.

Silver Jewellery Today

These days, the abundance of silver jewellery is apparent, and you can find it at almost any price. Vintage pieces are popular because they're unique and unique because they're rare. Most jewellers use silver to mix with gold and other materials, like precious stones and diamonds. With so many types of silver jewellery, you can choose and wear them all simultaneously. Since silver is a popular and affordable material, it's a very versatile material that can be used in various ways.

It's also on par with gold because some pieces are worth more than they cost. While silver isn't as flashy as gold, it's more understated and subtle, making it perfect for anyone.


Silver jewellery is popular because it's affordable and can be used for almost any occasion. It's easy to care for because you can polish it whenever it gets dirty, and it's also versatile since you can mix and match it with other materials. All that matters is finding one that will suit you for a long time.

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