Accessories often have the power to upgrade looks and complete an entire outfit. And what better accessory is there than some classic jewellery.

Jewellery is known to be long-lasting, as some families even pass down jewellery from generation to generation. However, proper care needs to be taken to ensure that your jewellery can last a long time. Here are three tips to follow if you want your sterling silver to stand the test of time.

  • Know the Difference Between 925 and 950 Silver

  • The amount of cleaning and polishing you need to do actually depends on whether you have a 925 or 950 silver. For 950 silver, you’ll have to practice more consistent polishing. On the other hand, 925 silver would require less cleaning than 950 silver since the former is much sturdier.

    If you’re not sure which one you have, you can check for a label or whatever came with the packaging. You may also check with your jeweller if you have no clue what kind of silver you have.

  • Store It Properly

  • Proper storage is essential to achieve long-lasting jewellery. You should follow the care and storage instructions that come with the packaging to keep your jewellery in tiptop shape. But generally, these are a few storage tips that can apply to sterling silver.

    Silver can be delicate, and something as simple as air exposure can tarnish your silver jewellery. So, it’s best to avoid leaving your jewellery just lying around the house. Your nightstand, drawer, and even an open jewellery box is no place to store silver.

    Instead, you should be keeping your silver jewellery in individual airtight containers with anti-tarnishing properties. These will not only keep the air out but can also keep your silver jewellery’s shine intact.

    When storing your silver jewellery in these airtight containers, it’s essential to avoid putting multiple pieces in the same container. If you have 925 silver necklaces or chains, they will end up tangled in the container. And even worse, your jewellery could get scratched or tarnished when in physical contact with each other. 

    You should also practice care when placing your silver jewellery into its airtight bag. It’s essential to unhook or unclasp them first to avoid any scratching.

  • Keep It Dry

  • Purified water may not do much damage to silver jewellery, but the water we’re usually exposed to may contain contaminants and chemicals that can tarnish sterling silver. So, it’s best to limit water exposure and keep your jewellery dry.

    When swimming in a pool, you must first take off your silver jewellery since the chlorine in pool water can be pretty harsh. If you forgot you were wearing silver jewellery while in the pool, you should rinse and clean it after. Don’t forget to dry it after you wash it.

    Some people tend to shower with their jewellery on. While showering with your silver jewellery once in a while won’t have lasting damage, it’s best not to make a habit out of it.

    You should also avoid hot tubs and hot springs. Similar to swimming pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis also contain chlorine. But the chemical reaction from the chlorine can be accelerated due to the presence of heat. And while you might think natural hot springs might be better than chlorine-filled pool water, that’s actually not the case. Natural hot springs contain sulphur which can be pretty bad for silver.


    Proper care must be followed if you want your sterling silver to last a long time. One way to care for your silver jewellery is to regularly clean and polish it. However, the frequency of cleaning and polishing should depend on whether you have 925 or 950 silver. You should also limit air and water exposure for your sterling silver as it can tarnish your jewellery. Store them in airtight bags and take them off before going into the water.

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